Agent Empowerment Series: How to Optimise Your Listings’ Performance with These Tools

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It’s a never-ending race and battle to win; especially in this hyper-competitive market you’re in.  

There’s always a newer project, a better development, a more promising listing and newer and hungrier real estate professionals emerging every single day.  

If you want to continue staying in the race (and winning it), you cannot merely work hard – you need to work smart by optimising your listings’ performances with these tools.  

Best news of all is all these tools are readily available and easily accessible to you right now.  

So, let’s begin! 

The first step to take before embarking on any journey, is to know where you are now; so you can pick the right direction.  

And the best way you can do this is by checking out your individual listing’s Listing Performance Insights on AgentNet.  

listings performance insight

Now that you get a feel of where each of your listings are at – it’s time to act 

Use Data As Your Guide  

Knowledge is power. Make better decisions with latest data insights and market trends.  

Here are resources specially curated for you:  

Stand in the Spotlight 

Don’t be shy – be outstanding!  


When & Where to Focus Your Listings: Feb 2022 EditionProperty Market Outlook 2022When & Where to Focus Your Listings: Jan 2022 EditionWhen And Where To Focus Your Listings In November 2021When And Where To Focus Your Listings In October 2021When And Where To Focus Your Listings In September 2021When and Where to Focus Your Listings in August 2021PGMY Market Demand Report Q3 [1 Jul - 30 Sep 2021]When and Where to Focus Your Listings in July 2021When and Where to Focus Your Listings in June 2021

Spotlight your listings now and give them the visual and branding uplift they deserve to stand out from other listings. Not only is your Headline prominently displayed, you also get:  

  • Larger Search Results Tile and Profile Photo: most of us are visual people, so this is a huge win! 
  • Grey Gradient: We did consumer research on this and found that listings with this grey gradient enjoyed significantly higher engagement.  
  • Image Carousel: All your client needs to do is swipe to view more listing photos directly on the search results page 
  • Direct Contact: Your Spotlight listing comes with a contact feature, so your client can reach out to you as soon as possible! 

Know When & Where to Capture Your Leads 

Have you been up to date with our monthly edition of When & Where to Focus Your Listings

In the last week of every month, we bring you insightful and actionable analysis based on the latest consumer data. Here’s November 2020’s edition

Through these findings, you get to understand when your clients are most actively searching for property and the 10 most popular condos with the highest volume of searches.  

So, head on over to your AgentNet and start optimising your listings’ performance right now! 

There are tonnes more ways for you to leverage and maximise your AgentNet. Head on over to PropertyGuru Academy to see our latest courses and get the most out of being our Agent Partner. 


In the meantime, keep positive and test negative!  


Being a better partner for you,  
PropertyGuru Team  


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