Meet Turbo & Dynamic Pricing – 2 New Features to help you gain more visibility & quality leads.

What is Turbo? 

With the ever-growing competition in the market, how do you grab the attention of home buyers and give them the confidence they need as they are browsing for a potential home?  

If you feel like your current approach in getting visibility might be getting stale, Turbo is for you. This new feature available on AgentNet Web and App from 01 April 2022 could Turbo your listing exposure by up to 8X*

Full On Turbo Mode   

Turbo is packed with all the functions that will give your residential listing the advantage it needs. 

1. Extra-large (XL) images  

(Left to right: Turbo listing on desktop view, Spotlight listing on desktop view & Regular listing on desktop view)  

We know the effort that you put in to create great images for the best possible first impression! The importance of having great images has increased for home buyers who spend more time vetting homes online as opposed to going for physical viewings. Now, you can offer greater visibility at one glance through your XL desktop image carousel and cover photos!  

2. Top Ranking Spot

 3. WhatsApp Button for Effortless Communication

This button helps to open a direct WhatsApp conversation with you effortlessly. If you have not set up an autoreply on your WhatsApp account to promptly engage your leads, now’s the time.   

4. Ads Free Listing Page

Simply put, less distractions for ads, more attention for your listing! 

Get Set, Turbo!

Turbo is readily available for all agents with Ad Credits, that is determined by the Dynamic Pricing algorithm which considers the competition and listing supply, by property type, location and the number of Turbo listings. The number of credits to Turbo a listing will change with the market condition, either less or more, to deliver maximum value to you. The Ad Credit quantity will be displayed next to your selected listing.



Meet Turbo & Dynamic Pricing – 2 New Features to help you gain more visibility & quality leads.

How does Dynamic Pricing work with Turbo? 

Dynamic Pricing is an all-new algorithm where Ad Credits needed to promote a listing (Repost, Spotlight, Spotlight Repost, Turbo, or Turbo repost) takes into consideration competition and listing supply by property type, location and project 

As market conditions change, the amount of Ad Credits needed for each of your listing activities will change as well, delivering maximum value for each listing. 

Benefits of Dynamic Pricing: 

  • Increase visibility & gain high intend leads for your listings 
  • Credits required changes with market conditions to deliver maximum value for you 
  • Pay the right price to Repost, Spotlight, Spotlight Repost, Turbo, or Turbo Repost your listings 
  • Credits required changes with market conditions 

Low volume market activity (low in demand & supply)  

  • The amount of Ad Credits required to Repost, Spotlight, Spotlight Repost, Turbo, or Turbo Repost listing may decrease 
  • Enabling agents to take advantage of a 
  •  Less competitive conditions to market their listings actively 


High volume market activity (high in demand & supply) 

  • The amount of Ad Credits used to market a listing increase 
  • This reduces competition from poor quality and fake listings 
  • Making it easier for property seekers to find agent’s high-quality listing 


From 01 Apr 2022, the number of Ad Credits needed to Repost, Spotlight, Spotlight Repost, Turbo, or Turbo repost will be calculated by Dynamic Pricing. 

The amount of Ad Credits required for your listing activities is indicated next to your listing for your easy reference: 

Sit back and watch how it  accelerates your listing’s performance and give it the exponential exposure that you need on PropertyGuru!  

Need more information on Dynamic Pricing & Turbo?
Sign up here for our online live demo sessions as we share with you step-by-step guide and more information on these!

To learn more about Turbo Listing, click here.

To learn more about Dynamic Pricing, click here.






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