Your Marketplace to More than 500 Projects, Regionally

Connecting you to more than 500 regional developments, FastKey Projects is the key that unlocks a new revenue stream for all Agent Partners via AgentNet.

As Southeast Asia’s leading gateway, you have more than 500 regional development projects at your fingertips – ready for presentation to your clients to help them find their next dream project; both inside and outside our borders so you can become a market expert in the eyes of your clients.

What’s more, you also enjoy direct access to developers’ commissions and offers, so you can browse and select the developments you want to represent.

FastKey Projects is a complimentary feature exclusively available to PropertyGuru Agent Partners via AgentNet.

Your Fast Track to Unlocking Local and Overseas
Market Income

Direct Access to Developers’ Commissions and Offers

Open yourself to overseas market opportunities and additional income streams with direct access to developers’ commissions and offers.

Your Perfect Tool to Finding Your Client’s Next Dream Project

Get ready access to a comprehensive suite of project information and use them as ready-made sales kits to pitch projects to your clients, and become their trusted market expert. Through FastKey Projects, you’ll have access to:

  • Available commission
  • Project description and price
  • Development site & stack, floor plans and units  
  • Developer and agency contacts
  • E-brochures

Open Yourself to Opportunities & Income, Within and Beyond Malaysia

Discover over 500 developments around the region. Don’t let yourself miss out on the most exciting and promising developments within and beyond Malaysia!

FastKey Projects on Your AgentNet

Access 500+ developments on ‘FastKey Projects’ via AgentNet.
Browse 500 developments all in one place.
Click into any development and get instant access to a myriad of information, right at your fingertips.
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Discover amenities around the neighbourhood.
Contact developer and start selling today.

Start Discovering Regional Developments

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to full FAQ here.

FastKey Projects is a marketplace feature on AgentNet that connects agent partners to more than 500 developer projects regionally.

With FastKey Projects, agent partners can enjoy the following at no extra cost:

  • Extensive marketplace to over 500 developer projects within the region, all ready for you to explore, pick and sell
  • Comprehensive suite of project information readily available to assist you in your sales pitch
  • Be empowered by this perfect sales tool to help your clients find their next dream project
  • Direct access to developers’ offers and commissions to grow your income

FastKey Projects covers pre-launch to ready-to-move-in residential and commercial developments.

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