AI Moderation Engine (AIME) for Listing Images

Keeping PropertyGuru a safe space to be.

By Adrian   •  
Great photos are always better than the best descriptions, this in turn improves your chances on obtaining genuine leads. We at PropertyGuru are always committed to improving everyone’s experiences on our platform which means keeping a safe, fair and informative place for dream homes ! Hence, to ensure that the tens of thousands of images uploaded everyday always adhere to our guidelines, AIME (Artificial Intelligence Moderation Engine) is here to give us a helping hand at ensuring we’re always in check.

What is it ?

An in-house AI-powered moderation tool for automated and real-time monitoring of your listing’s images. This ensures all images constantly adheres to PropertyGuru’s guidelines when they are uploaded to a Residential or Commercial listing.

When will it be launched ?

It will be rolled out in stages between 16 January 2024 to 15 February 2024, from mild detections to a progressively full roll out.

How will I be affected ?

Property agents with an AgentNet account can continue to create and upload photos to a listing as usual. Only photos that have been suspended, will be made aware to you. If AIME is unsure, your image will be flagged out to our internal moderators for a second look.

*AIME works to ensure all photos are monitored real time. Most of the time, images are suspended during the listing creation flow.

How will I know if an image(s) from one of my listings has been suspended ?

If AIME suspends an image you will be notified on your main Listings page and on that particular image :

If AIME has requested our moderators for a second look. Only suspended images will be notified to you via email.

How long does AIME usually take to work ?

AIME works in real time and would usually detect images within a few minutes. In rare cases, there may be instances of checks that’ll take up to a day.

What happens to my listing if an image or more has been suspended ?

Not to worry, listings with suspended image(s) will still be posted, without the suspended image(s). Other images posted along with the listing will still be published.

Can I appeal if one of my images have been suspended ?

Yes! You may choose to appeal to PropertyGuru for a review, of which you would be notified via email on the outcome. Unfortunately, if suspension continues after the appeal, you would not be able to re-appeal.

How do I make an appeal ?

Click the three dotted lines on your image and then select “Make an Appeal”.

What types of images are disallowed ?

You may refer to our guidelines for a full read or view the guide available as you upload photos :

In short, images that contains the below categories may be suspended.

As we look to continuously improve the standards of all listings, AIME will also improve in the future to include additional categories in accordance with our guidelines.

Should you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact Customer Care at +603 7932 7555 (Mon - Fri, 9 AM to 6 PM, closed on public holidays).