Check Your Listing’s Performance

See how your listing performs

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You active listings will be in front of 2.5 millions of property seekers that visit PropertyGuru Malaysia every month, follow these two simple steps to see the number of views that your listings have gathered.

Click on Insights on your AgentNet dashboard. You will be able to see the overall, last 30 days, last 7 days and messages for all active listings.

Listing Performance Insights

The Listing Performance Insights provides detailed performance statistic for each active listing. It is a feature that sits below each of your active listings.

Log in to AgentNet and click on ‘My Listings’. You should be able to see a light grey box on the right of the active listing. Example below.

NOTE: Please allow the listing 24 hours time for the statistic to be updated. 

What do these metrics means?

By providing you with performance insights that are specific to each of your active listings, coupled with customised feedback that is actionable, you are empowered with what you need to make your marketing decisions!

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