Managing Your Domain Name

PropertyGuru will no longer provide MyDomain service.

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Why are you discontinuing ‘MyWeb’ & ‘MyDomain’?

‘MyWeb’ and ‘MyDomain’ were built on our legacy system, where maintaining it has become highly inefficient. It is then better to dedicate our resources to other products and services that deliver greater value for you, and elevate your personal brand.

When would this take effect?

31 August 2022 (00:00hrs)

I am an existing PropertyGuru agent, how does it impact me?

For existing agents who are having .com or .my with PropertyGuru, you will now be able to take ownership of your website domain before its stated expiry date. ​

Please contact our customer service center at 03- 7932 7555 to transfer your domain ownership.​

Note: PropertyGuru does not offer any service to purchase and manage purchased domains.

I don't want to take ownership, how does it impact my renewals?

For existing agents who do not wish to take ownership, this would retire the domain name. Anyone will be able to purchase the domain name upon expiry. ​

How can I purchase my own preferred domain (.com, .my, .net and etc)?

First, you will need to check on the domain availability and ownership. You can engage any of your preferred vendors to run a domain name search. ​

If the preferred domain is available, you can purchase the selected domain on your preferred website. ​

Tips: Make it catchy and easy to remember. Avoid numbers and hyphens. ​

How do I transfer my domain?

Your service provider would be able to do the necessary mapping to MyWeb CNAME/ Arecords. You can add a CNAME record to your DNS (Domain Name System).

CNAME Definition: A Canonical Name record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System which maps one domain name to another.

Setting up agent's own .com domain to profile PG listings (for Agents who have purchased their own domain)

- Create 2 CNAMEs

1 with www (eg:

1 without www (eg:

and point to

If CNAME don't work, then use A-Records (IP: / Company Reg Number: 200615063H

For direct transfer (only applicable for agents who had chosen

After creating your account under, please contact our Customer Care to provide your account code for PGMY's AdOps team to do the direct transfer.

*You may find the account code on your top right after logging in to your account.