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To move in tandem with changes in the market and your business needs, we offer a range of premium features that will help you maximise your reach towards your target audience and gain additional competitive edge. These are available on an ala-carte basis, at any time of your subscription with us.

Specialist Products

One of the most popular premium features among agents, Specialist Products effectively positions you as the go-to-agent, among property owners and seekers, on search results.

Enjoy these benefits with Specialist Products:

  • Raised profile - your agent profile and contact details will be prominently featured on project details pages and/or relevant searches, to capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers


  • Personal branding - for Condo Specialists only, your listing will feature a Specialist label that differentiates it from regular listings, highlighting you as the agent-of-choice for that particular condo

Limited in slots, Specialist Products are available for purchase by property types, projects, areas, and districts.


Starting from RM140/month

Your details is prominently featured on project details page



With creatively designed banners, you get the opportunity to claim a spot in our search result page, to convey your customised message or offering to property seekers.


Select your banner advertising spot from an array of web and app platforms, condo project, area and placement on page.


Starting from RM200/month

Banners advertising spots are also available PropertyGuru AgentNet App. Contact us for more details.


Weekly Featured Listing

Weekly Featured Listing is a great option for agents wanting to secure definite exposure to drive highly targeted leads for their

Besides having a FEATURED label, your listing will have the highest ranking in searches for a week! Also, it will display a
distinctive look and feel that boosts its attractiveness and visibility to draw more eyeballs.

Limited to 4 slots per area, property and listing type, Weekly Featured Listing brings your listing to the first attention of property seekers.

Starting from RM70/week

Overseas Listings

Other than local properties, our site also caters to property seekers who are looking to own a dream home in another country or buying an overseas property for investment.

We feature projects from Asia, Middle East, to Europe! Take a peek at our overseas section.

If you have an overseas property to market, simply add-on Oversea Listings to your package and you are off to showcase your listing to the targeted property seekers.

Available at RM800 per listing/12 months


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a subscriber to your package, to purchase these premium features?

Yes, an active subscription to our package is required.

Is there an expiry date for the premium features purchased?

All products purchased must be utilised within 12 months from date of purchase. Any unused product will either expire when (1) the product validity period is due or (2) you are your PropertyGuru agent account is not renewed upon account expiry, depending on which happens earlier.

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