SocialCast is a feature on AgentNet (Web) that automatically turns your active listings into “Sponsored” ads on Facebook, and target engaged property seekers, easily within a few clicks.

It also addresses the common social media advertising pain points you may have experienced, like (1) getting the ad to the right audience, (2) ensuring ad performance is optimised,

(3) keeping all within marketing budget and delivered with little time spent.

What is a Sponsored Facebook ad campaign?

Regural FB Post.png

Regular Facebook post

  • Reaches limited no. of people who liked your page or are your friend, no audience targeting

  • A click on post leads displays full content of it, not linked

  • Engagement performance metrics: reaction, shares, comments


"Sponsored" Facebook ad

  • Reaches broader audience as defined by specific targeting criteria

  • A click on post leads to your preferred destination (a webpage, a form, etc)

  • Campaign performance metrics: impressions, click-through, CTRs


How a SocialCast ad looks like on Facebook


1. Listing Headline

Capture property seeker's attention by having your property's unique selling point mentioned upfront

2. Agent Information

Your name and CEA license will be featured as a credible partner

3. Property Information

Give property seekers access to your property details for easy reference

What does SocialCast on Facebook offer?


Increased Exposure for your

listings to High Quality Leads

Your ad will target Facebook users, who have searched for similar listings on


Easy to start via 

AgentNet (Web)

Your Facebook ad can start within a few clicks, and its performance is viewable on AgentNet

Guaranteed to deliver

Promised Impressions


Each ad campaign has been optimised and comes with a promised number of ad impressions (the number of times your ad is displayed to the targeted Facebook users)

Pick a package that suits your needs

SocialCast on Facebook has a range of ad campaign options with different price points and durations to choose from. All of which have been designed for the best ad performance.




Number of ad impressions
on Facebook

7 days
Duration of campaign




Number of ad impressions
on Facebook

14 days
Duration of campaign




Number of ad impressions
on Facebook

14 days
Duration of campaign


SocialCast your listing with ease

Available on AgentNet (Web), you can now SocialCast your listing on Facebook at your convenience. To avoid delays on the ad campaign approval, you can check on the requirements set by Facebook beforehand and make the necessary changes on your listing before proceeding with your booking.


Go to AgentNet (Web) >

My Listing to select the listing you wish to SocialCast & click on “SocialCast on Facebook”


Select a package


Preview your Facebook ad and click “Confirm and Proceed”


Proceed to make a payment

Your ad campaign will also be reviewed by Facebook which will take up to 24 hours. Once approved, your ad campaign duration will appear next to your SocialCast listing.

Note: Your Listing Quality Score must be above 85% to be able to SocialCast your listing.


PropertyGuru with the support of social media advertising like SocialCast can help drive more leads to a property listing.

Thomas Tsang
Group Director
PropNex Realty Pte Ltd

Associate Marketing Director
PropNex Realty Pte Ltd

…with SocialCast, the listing information is directly ported over to Facebook in just a few clicks, so it doesn’t take so much of my time. The ad campaign performance can also be easily accessed, assuring me that the promised impressions are delivered.

Lester Tan
Senior Associate Executive Director
OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd

SocialCast on Facebook will be helpful to agents who find it daunting to do Social media marketing on their own.

Have more questions on SocialCast?

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