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Specialist Products enable you to be the go-to agent for your specialisation. 
It does so by displaying your profile prominently on specific search results pages. 

With this exclusive treatment, you get to enhance your personal brand and credibility at the same time.   

Be the Most Prominent Go-to Agent


As an Area Specialist, your profile photo, name, agency name and mobile number get a prominent placement on a specific search results page. 

Your Area Specialist Agent Profile will be displayed on a rotation basis, with a maximum of 5 profiles shown on the top-right side of search results page at any-one-time. 

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Regardless of your specialisation, you will be able to find a Specialist Product that caters to your needs.

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Residential properties for sale 

Residential properties for sale 

Residential properties for sale and for rent 
- Bungalow / Villa 

- Semi-Detached house 
- Terrace / Linked house 

Residential properties for rent 

Residential properties for sale, with min. price RM2 million 

Commercial properties for sale and for rent 

Hot District*: RM530  


Regular District*: RM270 

Hot Area*:  RM230 


Regular Area*: RM160 





*For area categorisation, kindly find more info here
6% SST to apply on top of prices shown.

Should you be focusing on Condo properties, click here for more info.


Specialist Product slots are available for booking by calendar month, on a first-come first serve basis. The minimum booking period is 1 months for each slot.


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