Weekly Featured Listings (WFL) guarantees a top spot for your listing in specific search results for a week, saving you the trouble of reposting your listing.

Your listing will be the first to be seen by property seekers searching for properties in a specific property type, area, for sale and rent, as it’ll be ranked above all listings with a distinctive design.

Limited to 4 spots on the first page of search results, your listings will gather more enquiries while you take a break from monitoring your listing ranking closely.


Weekly Featured Listing

Secure a top spot

for your listing

in search results for a week

Be the First to Be Seen by Property Seekers


1. Guaranteed One of the Top 4 Spots for a Specific District

Available for booking by district, property type and listing type, your Exclusive Listing will be displayed as one of the first 4 spots of a specific district in search results.

Gain Triple Exposure While Staying On Top

Weekly Featured Listings are displayed in State, District and Area search results, giving you triple the exposure, all whilst your listing remain at the forefront of search results pages.


When property seekers search for property across a state or a district, they will see Weekly Featured Listings aggregated** from all the areas in that state or district, first. When they narrow the search to an area, your  Weekly Featured Listing will be ranked highly in search results.

**Displayed in rotation, up to 4 slots


WFLs are available at RM70 per week. You can book multiple weeks as long as the spots are available in the area or property type you have selected. Each location displays a maximum of 4 WFLs each time.


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