Empowering Our Agents to Be More Efficient, Prominent & Trusted Advisors

Dear Agent Partner,

As we continue to grow and strengthen our partnership, our Partner360 commitment is to help agents be more efficient and prominent and be trusted advisors to your clients. Beyond being a marketing platform that helps you generate leads for your listings, our focus will be on maximising the value of our existing data, products and services, so we can continue to equip you with quality tools to support your day-to-day business. This will allow us to continue adding value to all agents throughout your career journey; whether you’re an iProperty, PropertyGuru or dual-platform agent.

Up to 70% More High-Intent Leads and Actionable Insights with 1st Party Data & Lead Management

With more than 90% Engagement Market Share, unparalleled reach and access to proprietary 1st party consumer data, we can add value to you by giving you more insights to your consumer audience and helping you to understand them better.

As we embarked on Gating of Enquiries (Know Your Customer), we can capture rich and diverse information about consumers and accurately match them to the most suitable listings faster. This gives agents more relevant, quality, and faster lead matching and unlocks up to 70% more high-intent leads!

*Based on iProperty and PropertyGuru internal data from 1 Nov 2023 – 12 Jan 2024, comparing the monthly averages of Hot and Warm tagged leads against Normal leads in Lead Management. Note: A high-intent lead is tagged as a Hot and Warm lead in Lead Management. This is measured by the frequency of visits and number of enquiries made in the last 7 days on iProperty and PropertyGuru platforms.

Lead Management is a CRM tool that helps agents be more efficient in managing and prioritising your leads. It provides actionable and personalised information about a lead through its Lead Quality and Lead Insights features, helping agents to:

  • Reduce lead qualification
  • Focus on high-priority leads
  • Understand your leads better to customise your sales pitches

Stay Informed and Competitive, Elevate Your Professional Branding with Market Data & Agent-Branding Tools 

As consumers become more informed with increasing demands, our market data tools – Market Insights, powered by DataSense (PropertyGuru) and Brickz.my (iProperty) are designed to help agents:

  • Equip you with the most relevant and updated transaction data
  • Identify sales opportunities
  • Strengthen your sales conversations with clients
  • Showcase yourself as a knowledgeable and trusted property expert

This year, agents can look forward to the addition of new market data tools to power your sales conversations.    

In today’s dynamic and competitive industry, we also understand the importance of standing out from competition. Hence, we’ll be improving our current agent-branding tools to help you establish your brand more prominently in front of property seekers.

Take Control, Maximise ROI with Transparent Advertising Tools 

We’ll also be enhancing our existing advertising tools to make them more transparent and efficient for agents. This will give you more control in managing your marketing budget and be more efficient with your ROI.

Lastly, we thank you for your continued support as we look forward to another year of growing our partnership together to add more value for agents and support your business.

If you have any question or feedback, feel free to contact your Account Manager or reach out to our Customer Care team at 03-7932 7555 (for PropertyGuru) / 03-6419 5888 (for iProperty) from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM.

Being a better partner for you,
PropertyGuru Malaysia

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