About FastKey Projects

FastKey Projects is a one-stop marketplace that connects agent partners to more than 500 regional projects.

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What is FastKey Projects?

FastKey Projects is a marketplace feature on AgentNet that connects agent partners to more than 500 developer projects regionally.

How does FastKey Projects benefit agents like myself?

With FastKey Projects, agent partners can enjoy the following at no extra cost:

  • Extensive marketplace to over 500 developer projects within the region, all ready for you to explore, pick and sell

  • Comprehensive suite of project information readily available to assist you in your sales pitch

  • Be empowered by this perfect sales too to help your clients find their next dream project

  • Direct access to developers’ offers and commissions to grow your income

What types of developments are listed on FastKey Projects?

FastKey Projects covers pre-launch to ready-to-move-in residential and commercial developments.

Which are the countries covered in FastKey Projects?

You can view projects from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and more.

Do I have access to FastKey Projects?

Yes! As long as you are an active agent subscriber, you will be able to access FastKey Projects on AgentNet.

Do I have to pay to access FastKey Projects?

No. FastKey Projects is completely free for all active agent subscribers.

How can I access FastKey Projects?

On your AgentNet top navigation bar, you will see a ‘FastKey Projects’ tab. Just click on it, and you will be led into the landing page of FastKey Projects.

For a step-by-step guide to exploring FastKey Projects, you may refer to our Help Centre article: How to navigate FastKey Projects.

Is FastKey Projects available on AgentNet mobile application?

FastKey Projects is currently only available on AgentNet web. It will be available on AgentNet mobile application in Q3 2020. So stay tuned for it!

What type of project information is available on FastKey Projects?

You can expect a comprehensive suite of project information such as:

  • Available commission

  • Project description and price

  • Development site & stack, floor plans and units

  • Developer and agency contacts

  • E-brochures

How can I contact the developer if I am interested in a project?

You can contact the developer and its appointed agencies by clicking on ‘Contacts’ under 'Quick Links’ within the listing.

If a project is marketed by multiple agencies, will it display multiple listings for that project?

FastKey Projects has a content scoring algorithm which will only display the project listing with the highest score. However, you can find the contact details of all appointed agencies for that specific project.

Featured projects are displayed above Non-featured projects. Featured projects allow agents to view developers’ offers and commissions more visibly since they are displayed on the red strip right on top of the listing.

How are projects displayed?

Featured projects are displayed right on top in the following order:

  • The country you are accessing from, in random order

  • Featured projects from other countries in random order

This will be followed by Non-featured projects, which are displayed in the following order:

  • The country you are accessing from, starting from the most recent project

  • Projects from other countries, starting from the most recent project

What is the displayed currency for each project?

The displayed currency for each project will be what was set by the developer when he first puts up the listing. For e.g. an Indonesian project which is priced in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) will be displayed in the same format.

How can I filter to projects that meet my budget?

FastKey Projects has a Price filter which allows you to set a pricing range that matches your budget.

When a price point is selected, the system will take currency conversion into account and display projects that fall within your indicated price range.

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