How does Home Loan Pre-Approval benefits Agents?

Ensure your clients can get the home loan they need

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Sixty percent of Malaysians face home loan rejections. Home Loan Pre-Approval informs property seekers if banks will approve their loan, and provides an estimate on how much they’re eligible for.

What is Home Loan Pre-Approval?

Home Loan Pre-Approval is a tool for property seekers to determine how much they can expect to receive from a bank loan. With this, you can find out your actual Debt Service Ratio and also a high chance of securing a loan.

It’s free credit check provided by PropertyGuru  powered by CBM, Malaysia's leading reporting agency, in collaboration with RHB, Alliance Bank, Hong Leong Bank that provides an estimated eligible mortgage.

NOTE: This is a ballpark estimate based on the information provided by the property seekers. This is not a loan guarantee

Why should Property Seekers apply for Home Loan Pre-Approval?

Home Loan Pre-Approval gives an estimate housing loan amount based on income and ability to service the loan. This information makes it easier for the property seeker to know what property they can afford.

This information helps you, the agent, in offering the right property suggestions during a property search. Now the buyers know exactly what they can afford and you know which properties to show your clients.

How do I know if a property seeker has completed the Home Loan Pre-Approval?

Home Loan Pre-Approval is confidential and the information is only shared to the applicant.

How do I know how much a property seeker can afford?

Home Loan Pre-Approval information is only shared with the applicant. You should check with property seekers to understand if they have completed the Home Loan Pre-Approval and the amount they can afford.

How should / can I ask a Property Seeker to apply for Home Loan Pre-Approval?

Communication with your client is key. As an agent, you should advise a potential property seeker to complete a Home Loan Pre-Approval so they can understand how much they can borrow and what home they can afford. Include Home Loan Pre-Approval as part of your sales strategy.

Here are three places when you can discuss a client's budget:

  • When you receive an incoming inquiry, follow up with a time to see the property. Ask about their budget and what they’re looking for, so you can show additional properties that fit their needs. If the property seeker is unclear about their budget, suggest Home Loan Pre-Approval.

  • When you’re showing the property, be clear about the price. Let your client know that they can complete the Home Loan Pre-approval to understand what size of loan they qualify for - before they proceed in the buying process.

  • If your client is keen to buy, remind them that they can complete Home Loan Pre-Approval to understand what they can afford. Don’t risk rejection! Get pre-approved!

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