Top questions property seekers have about Home Loan Pre-Approval

Advise your clients on their home loan and match them with a home they can afford

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Will the Home Loan Pre-Approval provide a loan guarantee?

No, this tool does not guarantee a home loan. It provides an estimated home loan amount and the probability of home loan application success based on the details provided by the property seeker. It means a property seeker can potentially be approved for a home loan by our panel banks in Malaysia if certain conditions are met. Property Seekers may be asked to submit an official loan application or provide income verification documentations.

What banks does this tool work with?

The Home Loan Pre-Approval work with three panel banks which are the RHB Bank, Alliance Bank and Hong Leong Bank. Property seekers will have instant home loan options with preferential rates and services only by our panel banks.

Does the pre-approval require a credit history check?

Yes, property seekers will be asked to provide income and MyKad details.  Based on these details, Home Loan Pre-Approval uses real-time and certified credit data to generate a unique debt services ratio (DSR) powered by CBM, Malaysia's leading reporting agency.

What do property seekers need to provide to get pre-approved?

  • MyKad Identification number

  • MyKad Identification photo (front/back)

  • Income details

Do property seekers have to pay an application fee?

No, the PropertyGuru Home Loan Pre-Approval do not require an application fee.

How does Home Loan Pre-Approval work?

PropertyGuru will process personal credit information to assess the property seeker’s credit history and financial health. With this, property seekers will know the estimated amount of home loan that may be approved by our panel banks, debt service ratio, and probability of a successful home loan application.

Is it safe to use Home Loan Pre-Approval?

Home Loan Pre-Approval is SSL encrypted and uses the latest 256-bit encryption to ensure property seeker’s information stay safe and secure.

Credit information is shared only with the applicant ensuring data protection and privacy.

Agents do not have access to Home Loan Pre-Approval data, and must ask the property seeker about their access to credit.

How does a property seeker use Home Loan Pre-Approval

  1. Have these information ready

  • MyKad number and contact details.

  • A photo of MyKad ID, front and back.

  • Information on basic monthly income.

  2. Take a picture of MyKad ID and upload it

  • Image should be in JPEG or PNG format and below 10MB each.

  • All information is clear and legible.

  • All corners of the MyKad are visible and captured in landscape.

  3. Enter income details.

4. The pre-qualified amount will be immediately displayed                   (example of good and bad results)

Encourage your potential buyer to complete the Home Loan Pre-Approval so you would exactly know how much they can afford and find their home with confidence!