Use AskGuru to Connect with Property Seekers Effectively

Establish your reputation as an industry expert by answering queries from property seekers!

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AskGuru is a feature available for all active agents on PropertyGuru where you can browse for questions and respond to potential property buyers and sellers, as well as other agents using your knowledge and expertise.

You can access AskGuru easily via your AgentNet dashboard.

Browse for questions available and select those you would like to answer. Simply enter your response into the 'Write Your Reply' text box and click ‘Submit’ once you are done.

You can sort the questions by Latest or Most popular and choose to look at All Questions or only Unanswered questions. You can also apply Category and/or Location filters to browse for relevant questions.

Following that, you may decide which queries you want to address and provide appropriate responses.

Once submitted, your responses will be made public on the AskGuru Community.

You are encouraged to provide comprehensive answers, which may give you the opportunity to be listed as one of the ‘Top Agents on AskGuru’. This can be an excellent personal branding strategy to promote your expertise and may lead to new customers.

Share your knowledge and expertise with property seekers using AskGuru now!