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will meet your greater needs

To move in tandem with changes in the market and your business needs, we offer a range of premium features that will help you maximise your reach towards your target audience and gain an additional competitive edge. These are available on an ala-carte basis, at any time of your subscription with us.

For Branding & Listing Exposure

If you are looking to capture more property seekers’ attention whilst also positioning yourself as the
go-to-agent, these premium features are best suited for you. Let your listing appear on the top-ranking slots
on search results pages and have your personal photo displayed right next to your listing.


Weekly Featured Listing 

Weekly Featured Listing is the feature you need to secure definite exposure on top of search results for a week! 



Turbo your listing exposure by up to 8X with XL images and a top-ranking spot. Additionally, get a WhatsApp button on search results and an ads-free listing page.



Get up to 5X more views, as Spotlight gives your listing a higher ranking on search results, clear quality images and more... 


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For Branding

Further strengthen your credibility as the agent of choice with this premium feature. Let your profile be prominently pinned on search results pages to consistently target property seekers as they scroll through search results pages. 

Specialist Products

One of the most popular premium features among agents, Specialist Products effectively positions you as the go-to-agent, among property owners and seekers, on search results.