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Do you need more Concurrent Listings or Ad Credits to maximise your listing exposure? You can do so right away by upgrading your Agent Package. Not only will you benefit from these added features, you will enjoy savings too!

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Suit freelancing agents

RM668/12 mths

*Nett price: RM708.08

Total Value: RM1,000

15 Concurrent Listings

100 Ad Credits


Website (Agentweb.my)

Total Value: RM1,000


Best for start-up agents

RM1,188/12 mths

*Nett price: RM1,259.28

60 Concurrent Listings

1,000 Ad Credits


Website (Agentweb.my)

Personal Domain (.com)

Agent Profile

Total Value: RM4,990



Best for full-time agents

RM1,688/12 mths

*Nett price: RM1,789.28

160 Concurrent Listings

2,000 Ad Credits


Website (Agentweb.my)

Personal Domain (.com)

Agent Profile

PLA Service (1-time use)

Total Value: RM12,950



Suit highly active agents

RM3,888/12 mths

*Nett price: RM4,121.28

500 Concurrent Listings

6,000 Ad Credits


Website (Agentweb.my)

Personal Domain (.com)

Agent Profile

PLA Service (1-time use)

Total Value: RM39,390

*Nett price includes 6% SST.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to pay if I upgrade my package?

You will need to top up the difference between the price of the Agent Package you are upgrading to and the price you had paid for your current Agent Package. For example, you have subscribed to the Lite package at RM668 and wish to upgrade to the Advanced package at RM 1,688. The amount to top up is RM1,688 - RM668 = RM1,020.

Can I carry forward those unused credits in my current package to the upgraded package?

Yes, you can carry forward any unused Ad Credits in your current package to your upgraded package. At the same time, the Ad Credits you are receiving from your upgraded package is the difference between the upgraded package Ad Credits entitlement and the current package Ad Credits entitlement. For example, you have 20 Ad Credits left in your Lite package and you are upgrading to the Advanced package. Lite package Ad Credits entitlement is 100; Advanced package Ad Credits entitlement is 2,000. The total amount of Ad Credits you will get is 20 credits + (2,000 - 100 credits) = 1,920 credits.

Would there be any changes to my subscription expiry date if I upgrade my package?

Your subscription expiry date will remain the same upon your package upgrade.


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Terms and Conditions

  • All features bundled with the agent packages are valid for 12 months, starting from account activation date.

  • Any unused features will be forfeited upon account expiry.

  • Agent package sold is strictly non-refundable, non-transferrable to another agent/owner, and non-exchangeable for other products.

  • Other standard terms and conditions apply