Month: July 2021

[Winner Announcement] Life Of A PropertyGuru Agent" Watch & Win Contest

Thank you to all Agent Partners¬†for¬†your¬†enthusiastic participation¬†in¬†our¬†PropertyGuru Watch & Win¬†Contest!¬†¬† In case you missed it, check out¬†our¬†Life Of A¬†PropertyGuru¬†Agent¬†video dedicated to all¬†real estate agents¬†and share it with¬†your¬†family and friends.¬†¬† It wasn’t easy¬†to¬†shortlist¬†only¬†20¬†Lucky Winners¬†(you guys are awesome!), but we¬†selected the best of the best¬†– here’s¬†sharing with¬†you¬†snippets…

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Open More Doors With Your New Agent Profile

Exemplifying¬†our¬†Partner360¬†commitment to continuously¬†improve¬†our products and services to¬†you better,¬†we‚Äôre¬†excited to share some exciting news with you!¬† Starting¬†7¬†July,¬†all agent partners (excluding Lite package¬†subscription) can experience¬†the¬†NEW¬†Agent Profile¬†with‚ÄĮimproved appearance, additional features and¬†listing¬†information¬†to elevate your personal branding and attract more leads for your business.¬†¬†¬† 3 Ways Your¬†New¬†Agent Profile Elevates Your…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in July 2021

As reports of COVID-19 cases have seen an alarming increase and with the announcement of EMCO¬†recently, we¬†hope you‚Äôre keeping safe and¬†staying active as we¬†ride¬†through this wave.‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ¬†¬† With our daily lives changing¬†gradually and businesses finding new ways to rise above the challenge,¬†let’s look at¬†how this has…

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Exclusively for Agent Partners: Watch "Life Of A PropertyGuru Agent" & Win Gift Vouchers Worth Up To RM1,000

We¬†understand¬†the bittersweet¬†moments¬†you experience¬†being a¬†real estate agent,¬†and¬†here’s a video¬†titled¬†Life Of A PropertyGuru Agent¬†dedicated to all our¬†Agent¬†Partners¬†who tirelessly¬†help¬†property seekers¬†find¬†their dream home.¬†Kudos to you!¬† With¬†PropertyGuru Partner360,¬†you can worry less¬†as¬†we’re¬†committed¬†to¬†continually improve our products and services to help you grow your business.¬†¬† TIP!¬†Stay updated on our latest news¬†here.¬† Win¬†Gift¬†Vouchers Worth…

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