Month: March 2021

Continuing To Serve You As Malaysia's No.1 Property Website

  In this edition: In our previous¬†article,¬†and as reported¬†in¬†Yahoo! news,¬†we celebrated¬†our milestone of becoming Malaysia’s new No. 1 Property¬†Website¬†together with you.¬†Today, we’re¬†proud to continue serving you as¬†the leading property platform¬†with¬†more than¬†12¬†million¬†monthly average visits!¬†¬† Being the¬†‘Largest Property Website‚Äô¬†as¬†certified by The Malaysia Book of Records¬†with over 450,000…

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When And Where To Focus Your Listings In April 2021

  We‚Äôre back with our monthly feature¬†and¬†as we enter the 2nd¬†quarter of 2021, with¬†global vaccine rollout¬†set¬†to¬†improve¬†the country’s¬†economic¬†outlook¬†and¬†REDHA expecting propery market recovery by 2H21¬†‚Ästmore than ever,¬†this is the best time to ensure your listings gets maximum exposure!¬† Let‚Äôs¬†take a look¬†at property seekers‚Äô¬†behavioral¬†data over the past month.¬†…

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When & Where To Focus Your Listings In March 2021

Time really flies! We‚Äôre already moving into the last month of¬†the quarter¬†and¬†as reflected in¬†our¬†Property Market Index Q1 2021, the market remains¬†positive.¬†¬† This¬†is likely¬†due to¬†the¬†low interest rates¬†that allow for some property seekers to leverage on and drive their property aspirations forward.¬†¬† Now, how can¬†you¬†leverage on this…

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