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New Listings on Dynamic Pricing: Effective 18 March 2024

Enhance Quality & Efficient Matching for Property Agents

New Listings Update, Effective 18 March 2024

As we continue to evolve our partnership and bring greater value to you, we periodically review our products, services, and offerings to ensure that they are optimised to serve your business needs. 

Quality and Trusted Marketplace: More Relevant & Efficient Matching

Being your trusted business partner, we are committed to creating a quality and trusted marketplace that matches agents’ listings to verified property seekers looking for authentic, relevant, and accurate listings. Undesirable competition caused by fake, duplicate and poor-quality listings can dampen the user experience, creating friction and inefficiency in the property journey for agents and property seekers.

As part of our commitment to improve marketplace quality, PropertyGuru has proactively invested in listing moderation tools namely Listing Quality Score and Artificial Intelligence Moderation Engine (AIME) for listing images. Besides these, we also previously launched the Know-Your-Customer initiative (Gating of Enquiries) to improve the quality of leads, thus ensuring agents can be matched to verified, genuine and high-intent consumer leads.

Enhance Quality & Efficient Matching for Property Agents

In addition to our efforts to improve the quality of listings, we will be introducing Dynamic Pricing for all new listings posted on, effective from 18 March 2024.

Dynamic Pricing was introduced by PropertyGuru in 2022 to rebalance the property marketplace . It calculates the amount of Ad Credits (Repost, Spotlight, Turbo ) and Prime Credits (Featured Agent) required for your listing actions, based on market demand and listing supply.

With our product commitments and Dynamic Pricing, we aim to create a healthy and efficient property marketplace by discouraging fake, duplicate and poor-quality listings, thus ensuring authentic and quality listings can be matched to property seekers effectively.

New Listings Update, Effective 18 March 2024

Please see below for the change from 18 March 2024:

For more information on this update, you may visit our Help article.

If you have any question or feedback, feel free to reach out to any of our Account Managers or send us an enquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Being a better partner for you,
PropertyGuru Team

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