New Listings Update: Effective 18 March 2024

Enhance Quality & Efficient Matching For Property Agents

By Adrian   •  
From 18 March 2024, Dynamic Pricing will be applied on new listings posted on

Why is PropertyGuru introducing Dynamic Pricing for new listings?

Being your trusted business partner, we are committed to creating a quality and trusted marketplace that matches agents’ listings to verified property seekers looking for authentic, relevant, and accurate listings. Dynamic Pricing serves to create a healthy and efficient property marketplace by discouraging fake, duplicate and poor-quality listings, thus ensuring authentic and quality listings can be matched to property seekers effectively.

Is this change necessary? What has PropertyGuru done to improve the quality of listings on your platforms?

Over the years, PropertyGuru has proactively invested in listing moderation tools namely Listing Quality Score and Artificial Intelligence Moderation Engine (AIME) for listing images. We also previously launched the Know-Your-Customer initiative (Gating of Enquiries) to ensure agents can be matched to verified, genuine and high-intent consumer leads. With our product commitments and Dynamic Pricing, we aim to increase the efficiency and quality in matching agents’ listings to property seekers, benefitting both agents and consumers.

When will Dynamic pricing for new listings take effect?

Effective 18 March 2024, we will be introducing Dynamic Pricing for all new listings posted on . Dynamic pricing calculates the amount of Ad Credits required, based on market demand and listing supply. Rest assured that the amount of Ad Credits will be displayed before you post your listings.

What is the change in Ad Credits required for new listings?

Please see below for the change from 18 March 2024:

Does this change apply to commercial listings?

This is applicable only to residential listings. Rest assured that we will notify you of any change before implementation.

Does this change apply to all PropertyGuru account subscribers?

Yes, this change is applicable to all account subscribers who post new residential listings on

What will be the adjusted Ad Credits range for new listings?

Please see below for the indicative adjusted Ad Credits range on new listings, effective 18 March 2024. Do note that other factors such as property and listing type (for sale / rent) will also affect the amount of Ad Credits required. Rest assured that we have done our best to moderate the adjustments and keep the costs manageable for agents. For example, based on the table below, 40% of listings will continue to be charged at 1 Ad Credit for each new listing.

Would there be such a similar change in the future? If so, how often? As part of our ongoing commitment to provide agents with greater value, and to continuously evolve our platform to meet the ever-changing market sentiments and consumer demand, we regularly review our products, services, and offerings. Rest assured that you will be notified of any change before implementation.

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