All About DataSense

Unlock actionable market insights‍ that matter.

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What is DataSense?

DataSense is one of the proprietary enterprise solutions within the unified suite by PropertyGuru For Business, dedicated to help real estate players uncover their hidden potential for future growth and impact through Southeast Asia’s data-powered insights.

This data intelligence platform, backed by over 20 credible data sources, is built to empower you, as an agent, to become a trusted advisor to your Clients, strengthen sales pitches, and maximise the value of your marketing investments with more confident data-driven decisions.

Can I access the new DataSense tools with an active PropertyGuru Standard/Advanced/ Expert/ Premium package?

The newly introduced DataSense tools are only for customers who have an active Core, Pro or Max package. Core, Pro and Max packages will be available for subscription starting 1 November 2023.

To find out more about these packages, please reach out to our Account Managers or contact us at +603 7932 7555 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays) or email us at

What is Transaction Insights Lite?

Transaction Insights Lite allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market through detailed research on the latest transaction, limited to data range spanning 3 years.

What does Transaction Insights Lite consist of?

Transaction Insights Lite consists of the following:

  • Access to the latest transaction data in Malaysia spanning 3 years

  • Historical property sales data

  • Simplified market analysis chart suitable for real estate agents and negotiators

What is Popular Price Analytics?

Popular Price Analytics is a great negotiation tool for users to perform quick price preference researches and analysis on the market according to the project and size, based on the most preferred asking prices by property seeker.

What is the source of data for Transaction Insights Lite and Popular Price Analytics?

All data contained within DataSense is sourced from reliable and trusted sources, including our proprietary data reservoir. This data is processed to ensure its quality and is amalgamated within a comprehensive visual analytics platform, enabling you to make confident and well-informed data-driven decisions with greater efficacy.

Where can I access Transactions Insights Lite and Popular Price Analytics?

You will be able to access Transactions Insights Lite and Popular Price Analytics on AgentNet’s Market Insights tab.

What do I do if I have further questions regarding Transaction Insights Lite, Popular Price Analytics or DataSense as a whole?

For technical assistance, you may contact us at +603 7932 7555 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays) or email us at To learn more about the full capabilities of DataSense, click here to get in touch with the PropertyGuru DataSense team.