How To Write a Description That Sells

Copy and paste is out! Stay on top of your game by writing a good description.

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People are scanning your listing before they find it interesting and continue on reading. Capture their attention with these simple rules:

  1. Keep it between 80-150 words in length. Short and concise is the key.

    • Special characters are allowed such as $,''-.!:;&/?@%()#:)+.

    • Ideally restrict to numerical input with a maximum of 6 consecutive digits (including those separated by special characters and spacing), e.g. MYR 2.5M instead of MYR 2,500,000.

  2. Break up your text into smaller paragraphs and make it easier for property seekers.

  3. Storytelling, alongside the photos, property seekers can easily imagine the property space.

  4. A good listing follows a certain order and has the right “flow” to it:

a. Condition about the unit- Talk about the renovation, views, facing direction, furnishing and fitting etc. Remember to list all new or upgraded appliances that come along in the unit.

b. Building facilities- Common areas like swimming pool, gym, recreational hall, security etc.

c. Nearby amenities-  Area status, nearby amenities and area development affect the value of the property, do talk about the nearby supermarket, malls, schools etc.

d. Transportation- Distance to highways, public transportation, road development etc.

Tips: Do not write short forms or write a description in all capital letters, this looks unprofessional and gives a bad impression to property seekers.

Always check your description before proceeding to publish your listing. Good luck in staying on top of the game.

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