Update Your Listing Status to Address Reports

Agents will receive instant notifications to promptly update your listings’ status.

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In our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of listings on our marketplace, effective April 8 2024, you'll receive notifications if property seekers report any of your listings as "no longer available“. Please rest assured, you'll have the opportunity to promptly address any inaccuracies and update the status of your listings if needed, ensuring they remain active.

This enhancement is aimed at fostering a healthier and more efficient property marketplace by reducing unnecessary competition from outdated listings. It will also give greater visibility to agents with up-to-date and authentic listings, thus ensuring authentic and quality listings can be matched to property seekers effectively. Read on to learn more.

What is the Report Listing function ? 

On PropertyGuru website, we provide an option for property seekers to Report a listing that interrupts their browsing experience when searching for a property. 

How does the Report Listing function affect me as an agent ?

When a property seeker chooses to Report a listing, the listing will be hidden from their search results while it remains available to other property seekers.  

PropertyGuru will investigate these listing reports and take actions accordingly; which includes suggesting actions for you to make improvements on your listings. 

How can property seekers report my listing ? 

Report Listing feature is only found on the Listing Detail Page on PropertyGuru's website. A pop up will also appear upon clicking on the button, allowing property seekers to choose from a predefined list of reasons or others to specify their own if none of the options apply.

How will I be notified about the reported listings from property seekers and what can be done? 

You will only be notified via AgentNet App Push Notification, email and a banner on the affected listing(s) on your Listing Management page if a property seeker has reported your listing(s) as "no longer available". Upon receiving the notification, you will be able to respond by updating the status of your listings within two days. There are three options for the responses:

  1. "Still available" ensures your listing remains active.
  2. "Ongoing offer/transaction" enables a banner to inform property seekers that they can still indicate interest.
  3. "Sold" deactivates the listing.
App Push Notification Email Banner on the affected listing(s)
Click the yellow highlights above to respond. The three options are as below.
If you missed the notification and did not respond within two days, your listing will be marked as 'no longer available' on the listing detail page (consumer facing). However, you can always head back to update your listing through the report banner. <space>
If you missed the notification. .If you indicated an ongoing offer/ transaction.

Your listing is the first touchpoint a property seeker interacts with you before viewing the property and engaging your service. It is important to address the listing feedback when they are made known to you, so you can maintain your professional reputation and attract more leads!  Should you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact Customer Care at +603 7932 7555 (Mon - Fri, 9 AM to 6 PM, closed on public holidays).