Lead Management: Understanding Your Leads

Learn more about how your leads are collected and categorised.

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How are leads on the Lead Management page generated?

Leads are generated when property seekers or agents click the contact buttons that are available on your listing detail page, or your agent profile page.

I received a lead that says the property seeker contacted me via WhatsApp. However, I’ve not gotten any messages. Why?

Leads are generated once property seekers or agents click the contact buttons, however, occasionally, they might not have sent the actual message yet. Rest assured that property seekers are informed that their details are shared with agents when they click on the contact buttons. At the same time, we are always working on reviewing and enhancing our tools and products to improve your experience.

What are the different types of leads I can receive?

All leads that you receive from PropertyGuru are viewable on your Lead Management page. These leads can be differentiated via their lead cards, here are the types that you might encounter:

What do the tags on my lead cards mean?

You might notice small tags on your lead cards – these tags help you learn more about a lead at a glance. Here’re the different types of tags that you might come across:

Please note that all tags above are identified based on the activities of the enquirer on PropertyGuru.

Learn more about Lead Quality here.

Why can’t I find a lead that I received previously?

Occasionally, leads received might be removed from the Lead Management page. Enquirers can choose to withdraw their consent for PropertyGuru to share their information with Agent Partners. In such cases, PropertyGuru will automatically remove any leads from these enquirers who opt out from their information being shared.