Get More Views For Your Listing Too

Check out how our agents have benefited from using Spotlight and why you should too!

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"With Spotlight, I get 3-4 times more enquiries than regular listings as property seekers browsing on mobile phones can directly call or WhatsApp me".

Bossco Teh, Dreamvest Realty

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Receive Up to 5X More Views

Spotlight gives your listing a competitive edge over regular listings, with up to 5X more views*. Its high ranking on search results, clear quality images and descriptions, deliver better value to you.

If you’re looking at improving your listing views and leads for a particular high quality listing using Ad Credits, Spotlight is what you need!

*Data source : PropertyGuru internal data Oct -Nov ’19

Spotlight’s Awesome Features

Your listing can now have prominent exposure in search results to capture relevant property seeker’s interest and generate more leads with these awesome features.

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High Listing Rank on Search Results

Don’t let your listing be missed out by property seekers! With Spotlight, your listing is ranked above all regular listings on the relevant search results pages for a week.

Customisable Headline & Image Carousel

Capture more listing views with a distinct headline, featuring your property’s unique selling point. Alongside a larger listing tile and an image carousel, your listing can easily captivate property seekers’ attention in one glance.

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Personal Branding

Position yourself as the agent of choice, with the display of your profile photo next to your listing. Property seekers get to know who they’ll be working with; while this builds your personal brand and credibility.

Bonus! Based on property seekers’ search and on-site behavior, relevant Spotlighted listings will get additional exposure outside the search results page. Learn more

Spotlight with Ad Credits

Accessible to you with no payment upfront, booking of Spotlight uses Ad Credits which are readily available in your Agent Package. For each Spotlight that lasts for 7 days, the amount of Ad Credits required to Spotlight depends on your listing type, property type and location.


Be in the Spotlight Now

Using AgentNet (Web & App), you can Spotlight your listing in just a few clicks any time, anywhere at your convenience and start getting up to 5X more views*. Just be sure that you have completed the headline field with the property’s unique selling point and your listing has a 95% quality score or higher, before clicking away!


Under "My Listings", select the listing you wish to Spotlight 

and click on “Spotlight       ”


Ad Credits required to Spotlight is shown here


Check the “Auto-Spotlight” box, if you wish to Spotlight your listing indefinitely. Otherwise, select “Spotlight Now” to proceed.


Confirm you have made a
“Successful Spotlight booking” by checking its start and end date

What is Auto-Spotlight?

By checking the Auto-Spotlight box, your listing will automatically resume its Spotlight feature every 7 days till you uncheck it. The listing’s ranking will be refreshed every 7 days on search results, to continuously give you improved views and leads. Learn more


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